Lifting Chains, Slings & Swivel Hooks

Load Straps and Slings are specialist manufacturers of Grade 80 Lifting Chain Slings and Load binders. We currently stock 7mm to 32mm available for next day delivery. If you require guidance on the correct slings or application please call 0844 809 4560 or click here to discuss.

All chain slings and load binding systems are made to order and comply with current UK/ EU certification.

Grade 8 Clevis Sling Hooks c/w Heavy Duty Iron CatchGrade 8 Clevis Self Locking Hooks (Compact) Grade 8 Clevis C HookGrade 8 Eye Type Grab HooksGrade 8 Clevis Choker HooksGrade 8 Swivel Self Locking Hooks (Large Style)

C Hooks, Swivel Hooks all Ex Stock For all other sizes inc Pewag 100 call for quotation

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0844 809 4560
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